Neelam Exotic Indian Cuisine

295 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights

Served with Mint & Onion Chutney
1. Vegetable Pakora                                     4.95
   Mixed Vege fritters fried & delicated
   are available in different prices.
2. Samosa Vegetable (2)                                 4.95
   Crispy turnover, filled with mildly
   spiced potatoes & peas.
3. Samosa Meat (2)                                      9.50
   Turnover filled w/ Curried minced meat.
4. Neelam Special Appetizer                             8.95
   (For 2) An assortment of Chicken
   Tikka, Seekh Kebob, Samosa Meat,
   Panir (Cheese) Pakora & Namkin
   (Indian style tortilla).
5. Vegetable Assorted Appetizer                         8.95
   (For 2) Samosa, Pakoras & Papadum
A1. Chicken Pakora                                      6.95
    Tender pieces of chicken spiced and batter fried
A2. Allo Papri Chaat                                    5.95
    Homemade crispy flour cracker mixed with patato, 
    black peas, onion roasted lentils, tossed in 
    homemake yogurt and topped with tangy tamarind 
    sauce flavored with indian spices.
A3. Bhel Puri                                           4.95
    An unusual South Indian combination of crisped
    rice, fried noodles and lentils mixed with 
    chopped herbs and tangy sweet and sour sauce
A4. Shrimp Pakora                                       8.95
    Tender pieces of shrimp marinated in chick 
    pea flour then lightly fried to a mouth 
    watering delicacy
A5. Tandoori Assorted Grill                             9.95
    Chicken Tikka, Reshmi Kabob, Seekh Kabob
A6. Onion Bhajia                                        5.95
    and Shrimp Tandoori.

6. Papadum                                              2.95
   Thin & crispy bread
7. Raita                                                2.95
   Grated cucumber in homemade
   yogurt w/mint leaves
8. Mango Chutney                                        2.95
   Sweet & spicy chutney
9. Achar                                                2.95
   Hot & spicy pickles from India.

		Soups & Salads
10. Mulligatawny Soup                                   4.95
    Made w/lentils & extract from vege
    mildly flavored w/fresh herbs & spices.
11. Murg Shorba                                         5.95
    Made w/chicken, garlic, ginger,
    vege, w/specially blended spices.
12. Neelam Special Salad                                5.95
    Garden Fresh vege w/eggs & creamy
    dressing or oil & vineger.

13. Paratha                                             2.95
    Buttered pan fried flat bread.
14. Puri                                                2.95
    Deep fried puffed light bread.
15. Roti                                                2.95
    Indian style whole wheat bread.
16. Alo-Paratha                                         3.95
    Paratha bread stuffed with mildly
    spiced potatoes
17. Naan                                                2.95
    Traditional punjabi teardrop
    shaped white bread, baked in
    huge flat ovalsby slapping it
    quickly on sides of tandoor.
18. Garlic Naan                                         3.95
    Naan bread with garlic flavor.
19. Onion Panir                                         3.95
    Mild, scrurnptious unlcavened
    bread filled w/onion, homemade
    cheese or fresh minced cauliflower.
20. Muglai Paratha                                      4.95
    Unleavened bread baked with
    4 layers of butter & contains succulent
    minced meats.
A16. Alo-Gobhi Kulcha                                   3.95
A17. Peshavri Naan                                      4.95
     Multi-layered bread baked with succulent
     minced meat. (Chicken or Lamb)
A18. Pudina Laacha Pratha                               3.95
     Multi-layered whole wheat bread topped with
     fresh mint and baked in the tandoor
A19. Kashmiri Pratha                                    4.95
     Multi-layered bread stuffed with chicken
     and mixture of nuts and raisins.

		Tandoori Specialties
	      (from the charcoal clay oven)
21. Tandoori Chicken                                    13.95
    Chicken marinated in yogurt
    and mild spices
22. Chicken Tikka                                       14.95
    Chicken white meat marinated
    with flavorful spices
23. Seekh Kebab                                         15.95
    Chopped meat mixed w/onions
    And herbs
24. Sultani Seekh Kebab                                 16.95
    Lamb morsels of lamb marinated
    with our special recipe, broiled.
25. Nealam's Speical Kebab                              15.95
    White meat chicken marinated
    with spinach & herbs, flavoured
    with coriander & broiled.
A21. Chicken Malai Kebob                                14.95
A22. Panir Tikka                                        13.95
     Homemade cheese cube marinated with ginger
     and mild spices then baked in the tandoor.
A23. Reshmi Kabob                                       14.95
     Chicken with herbs and almond paste then 
     roasted in the tandoor.
A24. Ghingrijho (shirmp) Tandoori                       18.95
     Shrimp broiled over charcoal in tendoor.
A25. Machhli (Fish) Tandoori                            17.95
     Boneless white meat chicken marinated with 
     spinach and herbs, flavored with coriander
     and broiled over charcoal in the tandoor.

	Includes basmati rice & onion chutney

	- Chicken Specialties
26. Chicken Curry or Vindaloo                           13.95
    Chicken cooked in a light gravy
    mild or hot.
27. Chicken Sagwala                                     13.95
    Chicken w/spinach & mild spices.
28. Chicken Kashmiri                                    14.95
    Chicken with pineapple chunks
    & flavoured w/fresh spices.
29. Chicken Dansik                                      14.95
    Chicken marinated in honey,
    vinegar & spices, cooked with lentils.
30. Chicken Tikka Masala                                14.95
    Chicken white meat roasted,
    then cooked in a thick tomato,
    onions & creamy butter sauce.
31. Chicken Pishawri                                    14.95
    Chicken simmered in a light sauce
    with yogurt, onions, tomatoes and
    flavoured with fresh spices.
32. Chicken Jal-Frozi                                   14.95
    Chicken with green peppers,
    tomatoes, onions & flavoured
    with fresh spices.
33. Chicken Dhingri                                     14.95
    Chicken with mushrooms in a
    fiavourful, creamy sauce.
34. Chicken Makhni                                      14.95
    Tandoori baked chicken cooked with
    tomatoes in butter sauce.
A34. Chicken Shahi Korma                                14.95
     Tender chicken (Neelam Kabob) cooked in
     a special almond sauce.

		Lamb Specialties
35. Lamb Vindaloo                                       14.95
36. Lamb Sag                                            14.95
    Lamb cooked in spices & spinach.
37. Lamb Roganjosh                                      15.95
    Lamb cubes marinated in Indian
    spices, cooked with tomatoes in a
    creamy sauce.
38. Iamb Pasanda                                        15.95
    Lamb slices marianted in cream &
    cooked in a mild spicy.
39. Lamb Pishawri                                       15.95
    Lamb pieces simmered in a light
    sauce with yogurt, onions, tomatoes
    and  flovouful spices.
40. Lamb Tikka Masala                                   16.95
    Marinated sliced lamb in a thick
    tomato, onion & butter sauce.
A35. Lamb Curry                                         14.95
A36. Bhindi Gosht                                       15.95
     Lamb marinated in herbs cooked in chef's
     secret recipe.
A37. Keema Punjabi Masala                               15.95
     Sliced lamb baked in the tandoor, then cooked
     in a thick tomato, onion and creamy butter sauce
     Vegatarian Dishes
A38. Lamb Dansik                                        15.95
A39. Karahi Kabob Khyberi                               15.95
41. Vege Ja-Frozi                                       11.95
    Vegetables marinated in giner &
    garlic, cooked with natural herbs.
42. Sag panir                                           12.95
    Spinach & Indian cheese cubes
    cooked in spices.
43. Alo Gobhi                                           11.95
    Potatoes & cauliflower cooked
    In  Indian spices.
44. Mushroom Matar                                      11.95
    Peas & mushrooms with mild curry
45. Bayngan Bhrutha                                     12.95
    Roasted eggplant cooked with
    green peas, tomatoes, onions,
    ginger & garlic.
46. Dal Makhni                                          10.95
    Lentils fried in butter with onions,
    tomatoes, ginger & garlic.
47. Bhindi Masala                                       12.95
    Whole okar stuffed with oriental
    spices & cooked with onions
    and  peppers.
48. Malai Kofta                                         12.95
    Homemade cheese stuffed in
    vegetable balls, cooked in a mildly
    spiced creamy sauce
49. Navrattan Korma                                     12.95
    Mixed vegetables marinated in
    Yogurt & cooked in cream spices.
50. Panir Masala                                        13.95
    Homemade cottage cheese with
    onions & tomatoes, cooked in butter
    with fresh herbs.
A41. Mater panir                                        12.95
     peas fried homemade cheese cubes in mildly
     spiced sdauce.
A42. Aloo Chhole                                        10.95
     Chickpea and patatoes cooked in a combination 
     of garma masala and herbs. 
A43. Aaj Ki Sabji                                       11.95
     Vegetable entree of the day
A44. Palak Alo                                          11.95
     Patatoes cooked with spinach and flavorful spices.
A45 Vegetabale Manchurian                               12.95
A46. Triangi Vegetable                                  11.95

		Rice Specialties
  (Biryanis: selected royal portions of lamb, chicken
   & shrimp sauteed in herbs & spices with fragrant
   basmati rice & nuts & fruits.)
51. Shrimp Biryani                                      17.95
52. Lamb Biryani                                        16.95
53. Chicken Tikka Biryani                               15.95
54. Vegetable Biryani                                   12.95
A50. Panir Tikka Masala                                 14.95
A51. Rice Pullo                                         11.95
     Lightly fried basmati rice with peas and 
     a touch of cumin seeds.
A52. Shahjhani Biryani                                  16.95
     Basmati rice cooked with boneless chicken
     cubes of lamb and shrimps.
A53. Kashmiri Pullao                                    13.95
     Basmati rice with fruits, broccoli and 
     homemade cheese cubes.
A54. Neelam Special Biryani                             15.95
		Combination Dinners
55. House Special                                       19.95
    Includes Chicken Tandoori, Lamb
    Rogan Josh, Navarattan Korma,
    Papadum, Basmati Rice, Garden
    Salad & Mulligatawny Soup.
56. From the Tandoori                                   19.95
    Includes Chicken Tandoori, Chicken
    Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Shrimp, rice,
    garden salad & Mulligatawny Soup.
57. Vegetarian Thali                                    17.95
    With 3 vege dishes, Mulligatawny
    Soup, Raita, Papadum, rice & Puri
    Bread on a thali.
58. Special For Two                                     39.95
    With Papadum, Mulligatawny Soup,
    Seekh Kebab Chickan Tikka, Lamb
    Rogan Josh, Navarattan Korma rice
    & garden salad.

		Seafood Specialties
59. Shrimp Curry                                        16.95
    Shrimp cooked in a mildly spiced sauce
60. Shrimp Dansik                                       17.95
    Large shrimp marinated in honey, vinegar,
    Indian spices & cooked with lentils. 
61. Shrimp Jal-Frozi                                    17.95
62. Shrimp Dhingri                                      17.95
    Large shrimp with fresh mashroom in
    cream sauce
63. Shrimp Sag                                          17.95
64. Shrimp Tlkka Masala                                 18.95
    Tandoori broiled shrimp cooked in
    thick tomato, onion and butter sauce
65. Fish Tikka Masala                                   17.95
    Juicy pieces of fish cooked in a thick butter
    sauce with tomato and onions.
A59.Tendri Shrimp                                       18.95                          
A60. Shrimp Nirgisi                                     17.95
     Large shrimp cooked with mildly spiced sauce
A61. Shrimp Pasanda                                     17.95
     Large Shrimp marinated in cream cooked
     in almond and onion sauce
A62. Shrimp Do Plazza                                   17.95
     Large and jicy shrimp prepared with bell 
     peppers, slices of tomato, spring onions and
     flavored with fresh spices
A63. Shrimp Sagwala                                     17.95

66. Firni                                               3.95
    Flavoured custard milk made
    with pistachios & almonds.
67. Rasmalai                                            3.95
    Homemade cheese ball sweetened
    with milk & flavoured with rosewater
    and nuts.
68. Lassi                                               3.50
    Homemade yogurt drink served
    sweet or salty.
69. Mango Shake                                         3.50
A66. Kulfi                                              4.95
     Indian ice cream with pistachio and rosewater.
A67. Gulab Jaman                                        3.95
     Juicy deep fried cheese ball dipped in syrup.
A68. Mango Lassi                                        3.95
     The refreshing combination of mango shake 
     and our traditional lassi.
A69. Pinacolada                                         3.95
     Freshly prepared (onion Alcoholic)
A70  Ice Cream                                          3.95

		More Items are available now
70. Vegetabke Fruit Chaat                               4.95
      Cubes of bioled indian potatoes, kidney beans,
      flesh fruits and shopped herbs nixed with
      freshly prepared tandy sweet and sour dressing
P1. onion Kuchar                                        3.95
P2. Lamb Korma                                          15.95
P3. Side Order Red Onion                                2.95
P4. Shrimp Vindaloo                                    16.95
P5. Lamb Curry                                         15.95
P6. Onion Chutney                                       2.95
P7. Mango Chutney                                       2.95
P8. Mint Chutney                                        2.95
P9. Chana Masala                                       10.95
P10.Pinir Kuchar                                        3.95
P11.Chick Peas                                         10.95
P12.Chicken Pasanda                                    14.95