Jose Mexican

Jose Lunch Menu

24 South St., New Providence NJ 07974

1. Nachos El Ranchero                                 9.95
   Tortilla chips covered with refried beans
   and melted cheese. Topped with sour
   cream, guacamole and jalapenos.

2. Nachos                                             6.75
    Tortilla chips covered with melted
   cheese and topped with jalapenos.
3. Quesadillas                                        8.75
   Three piping hot flour tortillas filled with
   melted cheese, and your choice of
   Mexican sausage or chicken.
4. Hongos Borrachos                                   7.75
   Mushrooms sauteed in Pexcoco salad
   made of brandy, sweet butter and fresh
   garlic. Serves 2 to 4.
5. Queso Fundido                                      9.75
   Chile con came topped with melted
   cheese and chorizo. Served fondue style
   with tortilla chips.
6. Camarones Al Ajillo                               11.95
   Juicy baby shrimp sauteed in fresh
   garlic, paprika, cilantro and Pasilla chiles.
   Served with bread. Serves 2 people.
7. Mexican Pizza                                      9.95
   Deep-fried flour tortilla (like a regular pizza)
   with melted cheese, Mexican
   sausage,jalapenos & olive.
8. Guacamole                                          9.95
   Fresh cilantro makes version of
   our avocado dip. Served with
   lettuce, tomato, and sour cream.
9. Queso Flamenco                                     9.95
   Melted cheese with sauteed onions
   and peppers served fondue style with
   chorizo and corn tortillas.
10 Ceviche                                           10.95
   Tender morsales of shrimp marinated
   in garlic and lemon with cilantro, peppers,
   onions, and tomatoes.
11. Calamari in Brown Sauce                          11.95
    Squid marinated in a dry chile
    barbecue sauce and sauteed to
A8.Chili Con Carne                                    8.75
   Chili con carne topped with melted cheese 
   and chorizo. Served fondue style with 
   tortilla chips

			              cup                    bowl
12. Gaspac                    2.50                    4.25 
13. Black Bean                2.50                    4.25
14. Chicken/Vege              2.50                    4.25

15. Ranchero Salad       No more                      6.75
    Tossed salad with cubed avocado,
    cucumber, sliced hard boiled egg,
    tomato, green pepper, marinated
    cactus, and onions. Sprinkled with tortilla
    chips and tossed with olive oil and lime.

Mexican Favorites
Includes rice & beans.
16. Ranchero Style Wet                               15.95
    Jumbo beef, pork, & bean burrito in green
    sauce, w/b. olives, green pepper,
    guacamole & sour cream     
17. Cactus Enchiladas                                15.75
    2 corn tortillas folded with marinated
    cactus inside, covered with red monterey
    sauce & cheese.
18. Burrito                                          13.95
    A large flour tortilla wrapped around
    choice of: cheese, chicken, beef or pork
19. Chimichanga                                      15.95
    Deep-fried burrito stuffed with choice of
    beef, chicken or pork.
20. Enchiladas                                       13.95
    2 corn tortillas filled with choice of cheese,
    chicken, beef or pork.
21. Plato Ranchero                                   15.00
    A tamale & chile relleno comb. Choice of
    chicken, beef or pork.
22. Tostada Maya                                     12.95
    A crispy flour tortilla shell filled with
    chicken,beef, pork or beans.
23. Mole Enchiladas                                  14.75
    Wrapovered Chicken & pork enchiladas
    covered with Mexican brown sauce.
24. Tamales Ranchero Style                           14.75
    Two cornmeal tamales wrapped in
    cornbusks with your choice of beef,
    chicken or pork.
25. Chile Rellenos                                   14.75
    Selected mild green chile peppers
    stuffed with mild cheese and then
    deep-fried.Topped with your choice of
    red or spicy green sauce and melted
26. Chicken Tostada Salad                            15.75
    Tender slices of charbroiled bone less
    chicken breast served on a tostada shell
    with lettuce, avocado slices, tomatoes,
    nonterrey cheese & chunky salsa. Served
    with garlic bread.
		Combinations $17.50 ea.
    Includes rice, refried beans, choice of  blackbean,
    chicken or gaspacho soup.

27. Tampico
    Beef, cheese and chicken burritos
28. Puerto Vallarta
    2 chile rellenos, 2 bean burritos.
29. Mazatlan
    Beef, pork & chicken taquitos
    with guacamole & sour cream.
30. Baja
    Chile relleno, pork tamal, beef
    burrito, cheese & onion enchilada.
31. Durango
    Two cheese & onions enchiladas,
    beef taco, beef burrito.
32. Sonora
    Pork tostada, beef taco, cheese
    & onion enchilada, beef enchilada.
33. Juarez
    Cheese burrito, bean burrito and
    Avocado taco.

	Includes rice, beans & soup

34. Tacos A1 Carbon (Fajitas)  Ck20.95/  Bf 22.95
    Sizzling fajitas. Choice of filet mignon or
    Chicken breast. Mix:                             28.00
    Shrimp Fajitas                                   22.95
35. Carne Al Ranchero                                22.95
    Ranchero style marinated & charbroiled
    tender beef steak, topped w/sauteed
    sweet peppers & onions. Served w/a
36. Carnitas                                         21.95
    Pork marinated in garlic, pepper &
    tequila. Served w/flour or corn tortillas,
    guacamole sour cream & salad.
37. Pollo Oaxaca                                     20.95
    Ranchero style chicken sauteed w/fresh
    corn & mushrooms then covered in
    monterey sauce. Served w/flour or corn
38. Pollo en Mole Poblano                            19.95
    Boneless chicken breast sauteed in garlic
    and lime, covered w/Mexican brown
    sauce. Served with sour cream.
39. Chuleta Adobada                                  19.50
    Boneless pork loin, marinated in adobo
    sauce, grilled and garnished with vocado,
    onion and radish.
40. Child's Dinner Plate                              9.95
    One enchilada, one taco, plus ice cream
    chimichanga. Choice of chicken or for
    enchilada & taco

Seafood Entrees
41. Camarones Oaxaquenos                             22.95
    Bar-B-Q jumbo shrimp marinated in
    ozxaca style.    
42. Enchiladas Del Mar                               22.95
    A combo of baby shrimp & king crab
    covered w/creamy wine sauce and
    wrapped in corn tortillas.
43. Enchiladas De Jaiba                              19.25
    2 corn tortillas filled w/crab meat &
    cheese, covered w/monterey sauce
44. Camarones                                        22.95
    Jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon &
    sauteed. Covered w/melted cheese &
    monterey sauce
45. Camarones Al Diablo                              20.95
    Baby shrimp marinated in garlic, olive oil
     w/sweet onions & peppers Baked in a
     casserole & covered with melted cheese.
46. Chalupa Tres Playas                              14.95
    Cold seafood Mayan salad. A crispy shell
    filled with guacamole and topped with shrimp
    and crabmeat
47. Fish Maya                                        22.95
    Fresh swordfish steak marinated and
    broiled in a tasty mayan sauce made of
    loroco, capers, onion & lemon. (not always
48. Mexican Style Red Snapper                        24.00
    A whole one pound red snapper sauteed
    and served over marinate vegetables.
    Served with rice and beans.

Side Orders
49. Mexican Rice                                      3.25
50. Refried Beans                                     3.25
51. Flour/Corn Tortillas                              2.10
52. Sour Cream                                        1.25
53. Chips & Salsa                                     3.75
54. Guacamole                                         3.75

55. Bunuelo                                           5.25
    A crispy flour tortilla covered w/sugar,
    cinnamon & maple syrup.
56. Sopapilla Ranchero                                9.95
    Bunuelo w/ice cream filling
57. Ice Cream Chimichanga                             9.95
    3 flavors of ice cream wrapped in a flour
    tortilla, deep fried, covered with
    cinnamon & maple syrup.                              

A57 Ice Creame						            3.50
58. Mexican Flan                                       3.95
    Home made dessert made of milk, egg,
    Vanilla flavor

More Appetizers are Available Now
59. Chorisadas                                         8.75
    You chef invites you to taste a delicious
    combination of chorizo, tamales and dry
    burrito, Serves 2
60. Queso Derretido Con Chorizo                        8.75
     Melted cheese and Mexican sausage
    served fonduenstyle with corn tortillas.
61. Fish Taco                                         17.75
    Cold saefood Mayan salad. Acrispy
    Shell filled with guacamole and topped
    With shrimp and crab meat
62. Crispy Tortilla                                    6.75
    A deep fried flour tortilla covered with
    Melted cheese, sesame seed, and
A61. Hard Shell Taco                                  12.95
     Your chioce of solf shell or hard shell
A62. Taco Dinner Special                              16.95
     Tow Tacos.Served with soup

Served with rice & refried bean.
63. Puerco Guisado                                    14.95
     Maxican stew made with tender chunks
    Of marinated pork simmered in our dark
    rice mole sauce. Served with rice and
    piping hot corn or flour tortillas.   
64. Huevos ranchero                                   13.75
    Fried eggs atop a corn tortillas spread
    With refried beans and smothered with
    montered sauce. Topped with melted
    Cheese, olives, and green peppers.
65. Burrito " El Jardin"                              14.75
    A large flour tortilla filled with a hearty
    Assortment of fresh vegetables ( zucchini,
    green and red peppers). Sauteed in olive
    oil with onions and corn. Served with fresh
    mexican salsa. Rice. And refried bean.
66. Soft Tacos (with soup)                            20.50
    Charbroiled tender slices of flank steak,
    combined with sauteed red sliced onions
    and bell peppers, corn, fresh cilantro and
    spices. Served with warm tortillas, sour
    cream and tomatoes to make your own
    soft tacos. Guacamole and refried beans
    on side.
67. Extra Cheese                                      1.10