E-Z Delivery Corp: Randazzo Lunch

Jose's Mexican Lunch


		Jose's Mexican Lunch

         (Black Bean, Chicken or Gaspacho)

Botanas (Appetizers)

Mexican Pizza  9.95
   A flour torilla covered with melted cheese, chorizo,tomatoes, onion, olves   

Queso Flamenco  8.95
   Melted cheese with sauteed onions and peppers  Served fondue style with 
    chorizo and corn flour tortillas.

Queso Derretido Con Chorizo  8.50
    Melted cheese and Mexican sausage served fondue style with corn tortillas

Quchos Fundido  8.75
    Chile con carne topped with meltd cheese and chorizo. served fondue style

Camerones Al Ajillo  11.95
    Juicy baby shrimp sauteed in fresh garlic, paprika, cilantro and pasilla 
chilles served with bread (serves 2 people)

Nachos El Ranchero  8.75
    Tortilla chips with refried beans and melted cheese. topped with sour cream,
    guacamole and jalapenos

Nachos  6.75
    Tortilla chips covered with melted cheese and topped with jalapenos

Gucamole  9.95
    Fresh cilantro makes this version of popular avocado dip. served with lettuce, 
    tomato and sour cream

Quesadillas  8.75
    One large flour tortilla, sliced into three, filed with melted cheese and 
    your choice of chorizo or chicken

Ceviche 9.95 
   Tener morsels of shrimp and crabmeat marinated in garlic and lemon with 
cilantro, pepers, onion and tomato

Fish Tacos (2 tacos and soup 11.95, 1 taco 5.25)
    Marinated strips of fish seasoned, marinated and fried, served in a
    soft flour tortilla with lettuce, tomatoes, and sliced avocado, topped 
    with a house sauce
Mexican Favorites $10.95

1. Jardin Burritto  
   A arge flour tortilla filled with a hearty assortment
   of freash vegetables (zucchini, mushrooms,broccoli,
   carrots, gren & red pepers) sauteed in olive oil
   with onions and corn.
2.Chile Relleno Con Tamal  
   Mild chile, stuffed with cheese and then deep fried. 
   Served with a corn meal tamale (your choice of beef, 
   pork, or chicken). Topped with a mild sauce.   

3. Taquttos Mexicanos (Rolled Tacos)  10.95
   Two deep fried corn tortillas rolled and stuffed with 
   you choice of beef, pork, or chicken. Served on a bed 
   of lettuce and tomato with guacamole and sour cream. 

4. Burrito  
   A large flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of 
   filling and topped with melted cheese and mild red sauce. 

5. Tostada Maya 
   A crispy shell filled with rice and bends and our choice 
   of chicken, beef, pork of refried beans. Covered with melted 
   cheese and topped with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and quacamole.  

6. Super Combination
   Taqutto- Enchilada- Burrito Our deluxe combo is served with your 
   choice of beef ,pork ,or chicken.

7. Burro El Ranchero 
   A large flour tortilla stuffed with eggs, chorizo, tomato, green  
   pepper, olives and onions.   Topped with melted cheese.

8. Chimichanga  
   Luncheon- size crispy deep fried burrito stuffed with your choice 
   of beef, pork or chicken. Served with rice and refried beans.

9. Ranchero Wet Burrito  
   A large flour tortilla stuffed with beef, pork and refried beans. 
   Covered with green sauce and topped with sour cream and guacamole.  

10. Enchiladas  
    Two corn tortillas filled with our choice of cheese ,chicken, beef 
    or pork .Covered in mild red or spicy suiza green sauce. Topped 
    with melted cheese.

11. Avocado Tacos  
    Soft corn tortillas stuffed with freshly made guacamole, lettuce,
    and tomato. Served with green pepper, olives and sour cream.

12. Bean & Cheese Burrito  
    A large flour tortilla with refried beans and melted cheese. 
    Served with sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, tomatos and olives.  

13. Puerco Guisado  
    Mexican stew made with tender chunks of pork simmered in our brown 
    mole sauce (made of peanuts, cocoa and more).Served with rice, corn 
    or flour tortillas. 10.95

14. Cheese Enchiladas  
    soft corn tortilla folded over melted cheese, covered with enchilada 
    sauce. Served with lettuce, tomato, green pepper, olives and sour cream.
20. Carnitas                                            13.95

21. Carne Al Ranchero                                   14.95
    Rancher style marinated steak. Sauteed with 
    peppers and onions. Served with flour or corn 
    tortillas. Mexican rice and refried beans.

22. Pollo En Mole                                       13.95
    Chicken breast sauteed in garlic and lime. 
    Covered with a Mexican brown sauce (made of 
    chile powder, peanuts, cocoa, and more) Sprinkled 
    with sesame seeds and served with Mexican rice 
    and refried beans.

23. Camarones Al Dlablo                                 13.95
    Juicy baby shrimp marinated in garlic and 
    olive oil with onions and sweet peppers. 
    Covered with cheese and baked in a casserole. 
    Topped with guacamole.

24. Enchiladas Del Mar                                  14.95
    Two corn tortillas folded over combination of 
    juicy baby shrimp and crab meat covered with 
    creamy wine sauce. Served with rice.
25. Carnitas                                            14.95
    Delicious pork marinated in garlic, pepper 
    and tequila. Served with piping hot flour or 
    corn tortillas to make your own soft tacos. 
    Served with quacamole and sour cream.